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Online information about Sanganer city of Jaipur

Sanganer is a major tourist place situated in Jaipur. A superb Jain Temples with many ruin palace forms a great tourist dedication here. Read more for getting other tourist place located in Sanganer.

Online information about Abhaneri city of Jaipur

Abhaneri city is a sacred place in Jaipur famous for many holy temples. superb Harshat Mata Temple attracts most of the visitors towards this Abhaneri city. To know more about its tourist place read the complete article bellow.

Online information about the Pushkar city of Rajasthan

Pushkar city of Rajasthan is the most preferable visiting place in Ajmer. Consisting three important creation like Pushkar Camel Fair, Brahma Temple, and Pushkar Lake, this sacred place attracts a lot of devotees from the whole world. To know more about the Pushkar city read the complete article bellow.

Bhartrihari Dham, Alwar

The Bhartrihari Dham is a temple of ‘Yogi Bhartrihari Nath’. This temple is a center point of faith and peace. Bhartrihari Dham is a famous temple of Hindu religion and lacs of people visits every year to this temple. The followers of this temple come from every corner of Rajasthan.

Devmali Village, Ajmer District, Rajasthan : The Heritage Place

Devmali Village, Ajmer District, Rajasthan.This is not only a name of village of Rajasthan state. This is a place of peace and faith. This village “Devmali” is a small “Dhani” of Ajmer district in Rajasthan.There may be “Sarpanch or Collector or IAS, constable”. They may have tractor, car, motorcycle, but on name of house there is only a hut.

Todeshwar Mahadev Temple, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Todeshwar Mahadev Temple is the temple of Hindu lord Shankar (Shiva), established about 10 century ago. This temple is full of miracles and spiritual powers. This is a temple of faith and devotion. This is a historical place and a good travelling point.
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