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The ancient Kiradu temples of Barmer district

This article is about Kiradu temples which are situated in Barmer district. The temples are more than thousand years old and are exquisite piece of art. Sadly, the place is rather unknown due to its location and limited interest of authorities, which is slowly taking toll on it.

Online information about Moti Dungri Temple in Jaipur

Moti Dungri Temple is one of the famous tourist destination placed in Jaipur. A superb dedication to Lord Ganesha is the most enhancing scene attracts most of the visitors throughout the year. Read bellow for getting more information about the Moti Dungri Temple.

Online information about the Eklingji Temple in Udaipur

Eklingji Temple of Udaipur city is very famous for the beautiful statue of Lord Shiva to whom the temple is dedicated. This magnificent tourist spot has a great importance for its quality carving works on the temple wall. To know more about the Eklingji Temple read the complete article bellow.

Famous Dilwara Jain emples of Rajasthan

Dilwara Jain Temples of Rajasthan are actually located at Mount Abu. These gigantic temples with its quality carving made visitors turn their way to these Jain Temples. To know more about the famous Dilwara Jain Temples read the complete article bellow.

Online information about Nathdwara Temple of Udaipur, Rajasthan

Shrinathji Temple of Nathdwara is a great Vaishnavite shrine that was created in the 17th century.This superb temple placed Lord Krishna inside it and attracts most of the visitors with beautiful paintings of elephants, horses, maidens. To know more about this sacred place read the complete article bellow.

Famous Govind Dev Ji Temple of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Govind Dev Ji Temple is one of the major pilgrimage center in Jaipur. Devotees of Lord Krishna gathers here throughout the year especially in the festival of Janmashtmi(Birth day of Lord Krishna). To know more about this Temple read the complete article below.

Famous Birla Temple of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Birla Temple or famous Laxmi Narayan Mandir is situated in the south of Jaipur city of Rajasthan. Birla Group of Industries had built this superb creation. Containing a beautiful structures in fine white Marbel including some idols this Temple is the major tourist attraction in Jaipur. To get more about this Famous Birla Temple read this complete article.
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