Shrinathji Temple Rajasthan - The famous Hindu temple of Rajasthan state

Are you looking for the details of Shrinathji Temple located in Nathdwara, Rajasthan state, India? If yes, you have come to the correct page. Here you will get informations of Shrinathji Temple Rajasthan regarding its location and timings, how to reach Shrinathji Temple?, nathdwara paintings of Rajasthan, Shrinathji Temple contact address and website, Janmashtami celebrations in Shrinathji Temple and many more!

Shrinathji Temple is an important pilgrimage centre of hindus dedicated to Shrinathji in Nathdwara, Rajasthan state, India. Temples located in different parts of India are always attracting pilgrims from various places. In each state of India, some famous temples are situated. For example, consider the case in Kerala. There you can see the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, Guruvayur temple etc. There is a long list of temples. As here we are concentrating more on Shrinathji Temple Rajasthan, I am giving less importance to the long list. You might be surprised to hear that this Shrinathji Temple was also known as the House of Nanda . But this temple is popular among the people in a different name called Shrinathji ki Haveli, meaning House of Shrinathji.

Do you know the reason why this temple was called House of Shrinathji? This is because like a regular household it had a chakki, baithak, ashvashala, chariot for movement, Doodhghar, Paanghar, Mishrighar and Pedaghar, Phoolghar, Rasoighar, a jewellery chamber (Gahnaghar) and a treasury (Kharcha bhandaar). Now the interesting fact regarding this temple is coming. Have you heard about the famous Nathdwara Paintings ? You might be surprised to hear that it was the iconography at the Shrinathji temple that gave birth to Nathdwara Paintings. Also you can see there are paintings of doorkeepers, maidens, elephants and horses on all the doorways of this temple.

Shrinathji Temple official website:

Now if we go more into the details of this Shrinathji Temple, remember that here the image is carved out of a single block of black marble. Sometimes this temple is referred to as 'Haveli'. If you have ever visited other temples of India, you might be familiar with the clothes and costumes used by temple servants there. But here you will see a distinct feature. Here they usually wear the clothes and costumes of the bygone era of kings and queens. And an important fact is that here the servants serve the deity of Shrinathji temple as the beloved prince and darling of Nandaraj and Yashoda maiya, who were the adoptive parents of Lord Krishna. Apart from all this, there will be regular performance of classical music. You might be surprised to see the 'pankhwalas' who pull on the large fans for cooling interior, drums and trumpets for announcing the 'Royal Darshan' in the noon etc. As the Janmashtami festival is closely approaching, you might be a little bit interested to know more about Shrinathji temple and the festivals associated with it.

Shrinathji Temple address
Shrinathji Temple,
Shrinathji Mandir,
Nathdwara, Rajasthan 313 301
Phone: +91 2953 233484
Fax: +91 2953 232482

Festivals of Shrinathji Temple

On occasions like Janmashtami, Annakutta, Diwali and Holi, large number of devotees visit the Shrinathji temple to seek blessings from their favorite god. Here the deity is treated like a living image and all daily normal functions are conducted for this deity. The main attractions are the Aartis and the Shringar. The formal prayers in Shrinathji temple are offered with diya, incense sticks, flowers, fruit and other offerings, with local instruments and devotional songs of the Shrinathji, based on the time and occasion.

Shrinathji temple Rajasthan timings

There are eight time slots when the devotees can visit the temple or have a darshan of Shrinathji. These particular eight slots are collectively known as Ashtaya and include Mangala, Shrungar, Gwal, Rajbhog, Uthhapan, Bhog, Sandhaya Aarti and Shayan. You can have the Shrinathji temple darshan timings by checking the official website of Shrinathji temple Rajasthan.

How to reach the Shrinathji temple Rajasthan?

Nathdwara, where Shrinathji temple is located is at a distance of 48 kms from Udaipur in Rajasthan which is well connected to all major cities through trains, buses and flights. If you are coming by flight, remember that The Dabok Airport is located at a distance of 52 km. If you travel by road, the deluxe buses as well as state government buses connects Nathdwara with all major tourist stations of Rajasthan and the City Bus station which is located just 1.5 km away. There are train services also available for devotees. Mavli Railway Junction is located at a distance of 38 km while the Chittorgarh Railway Station is at 110 Km. Depending on your convenience, you can select the mode of transportation.

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