Folk music instruments of Rajasthan

In this article, I have provided information on the music instruments used in Rajasthani folk music. I have provided description on the string based instruments like Kamachya, Morchang and ektaara

Popular stringed music instrument of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is world known for its unique folk style of music. Also Rajasthan has some of the unique music instruments. These instruments have been used in the Rajasthan folk music scene since times immemorial. Both percussion instruments and stringed instruments have been used in Rajasthani folk songs. Let us have a look at some of the string based music instruments of Rajathan.

Kamachya folk instrument of Rajasthan

It represents a violin in structure and use. It is an extremely well crafted instrument and is the most used and loved instrument of the Mangnairs community of the Marwar region of Rajasthan. It has a hollow circular base and a finger board is attached to it. Nine supplementary and four sympathetic strings pass horizontally on the instrument attached by adjustable pegs at one end and fixed at the other end. This way it is quite similar to a violin only it is bigger and has more strings. A long wooden bow with a horse tail hair is used to strike on the strings to produce sound.

Morchang, musical instrument of Rajasthan

This instrument is used by the Langa community of western Rajasthan. It is believed that the instrument was initially used by the shepherds while they took them for gazing. This instrument represents the Jews harp and consists of an elastic thin iron strip fixed to a circular iron ring. This instrument is played by placing it in the mouth and using the other hand to create subtle sounds of music. The sound of the instrument is resonated by the cavity of the mouth!

Ektaara, Rajasthani musical instrument

Ektaara represents a guitar in the western culture only it has a single (ek) string (taara). The body is made of a gourd with a cavity inside to resonate the sound. The gourd is attached to a bamboo to act as a finger board. A string is attached on one end of the bamboo and the other end on the gourd.
The string is either plucked by hand or sometimes a bow is used to produce sound from it. The instrument was uses mainly for religious purposes and Meera, a devout of Lord Krishna is believed to play ektaara while worshipping the Lord.

These are some of the musical instruments used in the folk songs of Rajasthan. Along with percussion and Rajasthani folk singers these instruments are a delight to the ear. These instruments are helping in continuing the legacy of Rajasthani folk music in the future generation.


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