Online information about Nathdwara Temple of Udaipur, Rajasthan

Shrinathji Temple of Nathdwara is a great Vaishnavite shrine that was created in the 17th century.This superb temple placed Lord Krishna inside it and attracts most of the visitors with beautiful paintings of elephants, horses, maidens. To know more about this sacred place read the complete article bellow.

About the Nathdwara Temple of Udaipur

Nathdwara Temple, Udaipur , Rajasthan
Shrinathji Temple of Nathdwara is mainly a temple of Lord Krishna with his beautiful image carved out using a single block of black marble. This superb temple is about 48 km from Udaipur which is said to be the second richest temple in the whole world. The complete royalty of Udaipur down their knees at the stair of the temple and the Maharana, head of his clan is called as Shriji among his people. The legend history says that Goswami Dev fled from Mathura to get release from Aurangzeb and carried this idol in a chariot to take it to Udaipur. The other important thing is that the chariot got stuck in Sinhad and hence he placed it as a token of the divine and planned to consecrated it on this spot.

This place is now famous as Nathdwara. quality Glimpses of the idol placed in the inner sanctum of the temple are allowed only for a small intervals eight times a day in different style. Besides those intervals, the temple ground is actually free from crowds and the people who present here to receive the beauty of art and architecture of the compound, move around and enjoy the gigantic splendor of royalty in their bygone era.

The temple is also referred as 'Haveli', generally used in Rajasthan for the mansions of the wealthy merchants. Temple servants used to wear the clothes always and also serve the deity as the beloved prince and darling of the adoptive parents of Lord Krishna i.e Nandaraj and Yashoda maiya. Visitors can take the opportunity to see the live performance of classical music in many fragrant marble halls and courtyards in order to entertain him. One of the interesting thing is that the temple has three main entrances. Out of these one is only for women known as `Surajpol`.

One most interesting thing is the 'pankhwalas' who still pull on the huge fans eventually to cool the interiors oh the temple. The drums and trumpets are also present here to announce the 'Royal Darshan' in the noon and the announcements is made when the kings entering their courts were once done. The temple is created around several split-level courtyards to maintain it air full with a solid-white facade on its exteriors. Tourist can also able to see the beautiful paintings of elephants, horses, maidens and doorkeepers on every doorways. One legend history about these paintings is the famous pichwai paintings those originated from the custom of painted curtain cloths behind the idol.

Devotees from allover gather into the temple during the occasion of Janmashtami, and celebrate it in a grand way. Holi is also celebrated with a great enthusiasm in this place. On this occasion the deity is bathed regularly. After this Meals and rests are offered to the deity on their specific intervals. The devotees and visitors treat these meals as `prasads`.

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