Godavan, state bird of Rajasthan, on the verge of extinction

Godavan (Great Indian Bustard), the state bird of Rajasthan, is continuously seeing a fall in its numbers. The bird is near its extinction and instead of brainstorming on how to revive it, the analysts and the govt. are more worried about what is the exact no. of Godavan in Rajasthan. Different people are saying different things and the figure is seeing a range of 60 to 83 as per May census. In any case, there is a huge threat to this beautiful bird which has already disappeared from Hanumangarh, Kota and Bikaner district. A no. of plans like captive breeding, radio tagging and Bustard recovery programme were suggested by the analysts, but none of them has been implemented so far. The poaching has been the biggest reason behind such a major fall in Godavan's numbers.