Wishing the Happy New Year 2012 to All friends, their Families + Near and Dear

Hi dear friendx,

I wish all of you, your families + your near & dear very happy and proceperous new year 2012 well in advance. I pray to god to give you a lot of happiness durig entire year and give so success as you like which could be made a golden future. Because we will connect after one year i.e in 2012. Now say bye bye to 2011 and ready to celebrate the new year 2012.

I also request to all of you, please celebrate the new year peacefully instead of any happening because all happeness became in sad if any hapening during the celeration which is very harmful to each other. So I once again request to all of you please take enjoy of new year celebration with peacefully and bye bye the 2011 with good wishes.

Thankx and once again all the best & happy new year 2012 in advance.

Ramkaran Singh Rawat, Israel