Reasons for Fall down the rate of Rupee than Dollar

Hi everyone,

Good afternoon,

I am highliting a few points for your information and take suitable action if possible to improve our economy because of the are of Rupee is being down to down day by day compare to Dollar. Today the possition of Rupees is very low since past which is directly effecting ot our Insdustrial Production. The following points are involve in fall down the rate of Rupee to Dallar :-

(a) Increasing the rate of Intrest by RBI.
(b) Low importing.
(c) Non changing of policy for import/export.
(d) Widrawn the invested Dollar from Indian market.

Due to above factors, the possition of Rupee not good, resulting the market prices will be increased in near future. Resulting, the poor public bear more pain for living live. Now we should ready to face the above gost.


With warm regards

Ramkaran Singh Rawat