Who can replace Sachin Tendulkar in future

In this fouram we will discuss about the replacement of the cricketing legend sir Sachin tendulkar. As we all know that Sachin tendulkar us the most worshiped cricketer ever. Not in only India but in whole world their are Sachin fans. he held almost all the Batting records and no other batsmen are around him so far. But as we know everyone has to retire a day. Sachin has to retire as well. it is a cycle by which every sport runs. great peoples came and one day they has to retire. Sir donald breadman was a great player but he too retired. but whenever someone retires there is always someone to replace him. Now we will discuss here that who can replace Sachin Tendulkar. there are many Youngsters performing so well in domestic and international arena. here are some of the names which are in spotlight to replace the legend.
A.Virat Kohli
B.Rohit Sharma
C.Suresh Raina
D.Cheteshwar Pujara.