Partnership share for May 2011

As per our announcement New Partnership scheme of Rajasthanspider, only 4 members qualified for partnership share, they were active to achieve eligibility criteria of 100 points with 50% points from resource but total points scored by them were 865. Total Rs. 1792.00 was to be shared for a minimum total of 2000 points, but only Rs. 775.00 could be shared and remaining Rs. 1017.00 remained undistributed. A bit more activity by same members or other members would have given more shares. However the share amount of these four members are

Rajesh Kumar Sharma – Rs. 312.00
Sandeep Yadav – Rs. 239.00
Prateek Dave – Rs. 124.00
Namita 112 – Rs. 100.00

The coming month is the last month of this revenue sharing scheme so members are requested to make the full use of this opportunity.