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    Discuss:"Mercy-Killing or Euthanasia is right or wrong"

    Hello Friends Recently we have seen a movie by Hritik Roshan - "Gujaarish". This movie runs around the story of a person which is quadriplegic, and fires a case against government for euthanasia.
    Euthanasia means desired-death.
    And this becomes a big deal today as a case of Aruna Shanbagh, which is in coma stage since last 36 years. She had fired a case in Supreme Court for euthanasia.
    Supreme Court have reserved a copy for the judgement that "A person have the right to pleathenesia for others" and will declare this on Monday 07 March, 2011.
    So now we will discuss at the topic "A person have the right to mercy-killing or euthanasia". What are the advantages and disadvantages of mercy-killing?
    Give your suggestions to share among the members of RS.
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    Hello Rajesh,

    I think you have raised a very limelight issue of last few days. Aruna Shanbag's case is one of those. But there are lots of people in India, who wants mercy-killing due to any reason or problems.

    According to me the right for mercy killing depends upon situation and individual cases. If there are responsible people for that person who can support him/her, the thought of mercy killing is not good for humanity. But there may be some cases where there can be a deaj with it.

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    Hello Friends,

    As Mr. Darshan Singh suggests that the right for mercy-killing is upon the situation. Thanks to his suggestion.

    But in my views the right for mercy-killing is right in every case and because a person who wants mercy-killing has think very well before do this. He has already thought for its results and feedbacks.

    A person wants mercy-killing for some reasons. So according to his views thats a final decision.

    And another reason is that according to our freedom rights every person have the right to choose his own life. And in the case of the his inability this right works forcefully.

    Rajesh Kumar Sharma

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    Hi Rajesh Kumar Sharma,

    A very nice topic started by you to discuss at the topic "A person have the right to mercy-killing or euthanasia" and "What are the advantages and disadvantages of mercy-killing?".

    I my opinion, this can't be yes or no answer. It must be based on situation and personal judgement. No body wants to end his or her life with desire but they take that decision after facing all the problems and with no hope of coming out of that problem.

    There can be financial sire to it as well. Many families can bear the cost to maintain the life support necessary. So it is based of a 'n' number of things combined.

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