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    What do you expect from RS in 2011

    Let's friend its time to discuss that what new changes do you want from RS in 2011, what do you expect from RS in 2011.
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    New Revenue Sharing System is Going to Lunch in Rajasthan Spider From January 2011.From January 2011 RS will be sharing 50% of its revenue share among top 10 contributors of the site. More Some one contribute, more will be his profit share.
    It is announced in ISC.This partnership program will be for 6 months that is upto June 2011.
    Just Click on the Link Below
    New Revenue Sharing System in RS

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    +3 3rd Year Commerce
    Ravenshaw University

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    Definitely it will be an interesting change in this revenue sharing program. As a member I think there should be more number of contest in the new year. This will encourage the members to participate more.

    Thanks and Regards
    Darshan Singh

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    I expect from RS it will increase the editors the editing process is very slow so that member will work without any problems.

    With Regards
    Rao Sandeep

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    Hello Rao Sandeep Yadav
    A well optimized post will always give you better revenue, it is easy to approve or delete ant resource, but we try to optimize each resource, so that author as well as the site can get get maximum benefit from that post.

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    Dear miss Namita,
    I agree with you but i also agree with Sandeep jadav beacuse i also observed that the editing of Rajasthan spider is very slow. i also observed that my posts are remain in New Submissions for 5 days. i also informed that to Sandy sir. So i want from RS to increase the editing quality of this site. So that it can be the best. Miss Namita now you are the Webmaster of the Site. I congratulate you for that and one thing i want to say you that "Take Care of this Site".

    With Regards
    Ardhendu Narayan Rout
    B-tech( Civil Engineering)
    Join Orissa Spider

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    Hello friends

    As I think this post is very good in RS there is less work and 4-5 days our post is not editing by the editor its very necessary to complete within 1-2 days I saw when I post one resource relatd to new year in the month of december and it was very necessary to edit on the same day or one day later but it was edited in the month of January.
    So you can see yourself.

    Rao Sandeep Yadav
    "If you want to get something then you have to loss something and if you want to get every thing then you have to loss every thing"

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