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    Earning points is not all some

    I saw here that some member are posting unnecessary topic to earning points. Earn points and money is not bad things but you should be a fully dedicate with R.S. If You have a meaty then you can post many good content in resourse not only business directory is all in all. There are many members in R.S who post good quality content, as Mr. rao sandeep yadav, Mr. rajesh, Darshan sing,and many more these members are very good contributing here.
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    Hi Pratik,

    Thanks for putting the concern, as you said earning points should not be a focus, I partially agree with that because contribution to RS in any way is appreciated.

    Being the fact that the good quality resource may bring more traffic. But considering your view, there is also a possiblity that 100 business resource bring 100 pages traffic from search engine. In other words, 1 resource can also bring 100 pages from search engine.

    So I would request all members to focus on every section of RS, which will increase your chances to approve the Adsense account from google.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ankit Narang

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    Hi pratik,

    Thanks for praising my work. You have rightly said that making points should not be our first preferrence. If we have good content to post and also relative and meaningful to this site, then only we should post it here.

    Some members, I don't want to mention any name are just making a lot of posts, but their is nothing in those posts.

    For this I think the webmasters of the site should come forward and take necessary and justified steps.


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    Mr. Pratik
    I know to whom you are indicating.Making more points is not good,but how many members in this site are contributing regularly.This site should be full of its all elements and posts are done according to the rule of RS.So for this i will like to say you Concentrate about your own post not others.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    +3 3rd Year Commerce
    Ravenshaw University

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    Hi Darshan,

    As per the current statistics, we get very good traffic from Business posts. Good resources indeed brings very good traffic but business posts are also important because we have categorized them into several sections like schools, colleges, hotels, banks etc.

    Whenever any visitor visits business post from google, it may visit many pages for eg : I am searching for banks in jaipur, I may navigate to many pages to search other banks in jaipur. Whereas, in a resource the number of pages visit by visitor would be very limited 1 or 2.

    We have our points/cash award system and members who want to earn, they can opt anyway by posting in any section. There is no restriction in doing that.

    Awarding points is just a recognition of hard work putting in by member. It is nowhere related to cash credit.

    My sincere request to you guys, please encourage members to post more and more valid contents. Invalid contents will be taken care as rejection or removing posting rights of member.

    Please do let me know for any kind of disconnect in our thoughts here.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ankit Narang

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    I agree with you Mr. Narang.If RS will full of all post offices in Rajasthan then just think how much traffic wit get from search engines and People generally searches for pincode of a post office not its location ,officials,way etc.So members should take care of this points.
    Thank You

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    +3 3rd Year Commerce
    Ravenshaw University

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    Mr. Prateek and Mr. Singh
    Even Editor are saying that their posts Are legal and not unnecessary also useful for RS. then why are u opposition about it. Plz will have better if u don't discourage any member.

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    Thanks members for your clarification. I don't have any problem with such posts but I was just giving my view regarding the content.

    And also I want to thank all the members who are contributing to this site, because of which this site suddenly changes its gear and now generating a lot of traffic.


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    Dear Friends,

    All of us should remember one thing that only good posts will bring traffic to the site. Keep many things in mind before posting your articles, be it business or resources or any other section.

    1. The articles should have good key words.

    2. The language should be very good with no spelling mistakes and no grammatical errors.

    3. Are your posts relevant? Will people search for the topic or business you are posting?

    4.The articles should not be copy pasted. It gives a bad impression for the author and for the site. Search engines will also discourage that site which has lot of copied content resulting in less traffic.

    5.After reading your articles the people should be encouraged to join RS.

    All the members are putting lot of efforts to make this site a success. However please make your efforts are not wasted when the articles are not very relevant.

    There are no restrictions in RS for posting articles in any section but it will be beneficial for the individual and for RS if the articles are of high quality with good key words and no grammatical errors.

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    Kindly some one please tell me what should be mentioned on posting a post office name in business directory.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    +3 3rd Year Commerce
    Ravenshaw University

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