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    Ownership share for month August 2010

    As per our announcement Be owner of Rajasthanspider we got good response and some good contribution as well.

    In the very first month of this program we were able to get $25.23 revenue. Considering first month of this program, this can be called a great start. Though only 5 members qualified for ownership share. They are

    1. Ajay Yadav = 10% = 113.00 Rs
    2. Deepak = 9% = 102.00 Rs
    3. Prateek Dave = 8% = 90.00 Rs
    4. Rao sandeep yadav = 7% = 79.00 Rs
    5. Darshan Singh = 6% = 68.00 Rs

    Amount in INR will be mentioned when Google will announce the conversion rate of dollar into Rupees. But I am sure topper will get about 120 Rs and last one about 70.00 Rs which can be increased to 10 folds by increasing the activity and using good keywords.
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    Hello Members

    This is definitely a good start and a fact worth noting is that most of the traffic was generated after 15th August only. So, this reward is the result of the effort put in just 15 odd days. If the members work for the whole 30 days with the same zeal and dedication, the site shall earn more revenue in the coming months.

    Our next aim should be hitting a decent half-century in the revenue in the month of September.

    Prateek Dave

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    Its great news that we have earn a good revenue in the very first month of this revenue sharing scheme. As prateek has mention that if the members put their effort for the whole month, this revenue may increase.

    I hope we will have 10 person getting this revenue share.


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    Thanks RS for providing us a good platform and Congratulation to all the winner of this "Be owner of RS". In future we will do more hard work.

    Rao Sandeep yadav

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    A heartly congratulations to all winning members, keep up the good work and earn as much as you can.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ankit Narang

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    Hi members,

    Thanks Ankit for congratulating us. I will try to make a good contribution to the site. One thing that I want to ask is that if it will take 1 month in making the revenue share to add up in the accout of the winners.

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    Hello Darshan

    No. It won't take a month to add the revenue share into your account. You shall see it updated soon.

    Prateek Dave

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    Thanks Prateek for updating me about this. I hope it will be done soon.

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    Hello Members

    Google announces the revenue earned in the Indian currency in the previous month on the 24th or 25th of next month. So the share for the month of August will be announced on 24th/25th September.

    Prateek Dave

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    Thank you for informing us this is a very good information to all the members.

    Rao Sandeep Yadav

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    Hi Prateek,

    Thanks for updating us about this news. It will be a good feeling when the revenue share will be added to our accounts, which is going to be done on 25th of this month.

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    Hello webmaster,

    The revenue share is still not added to our accounts. How much more time it will take?

    The activities here in RS from the winners has decreased because of this demotivation. I think the share should be given to the members as soon as possible. It will encourage them to do better in this site.

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