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    Commonwealth Games

    INDIA is going to host 19th Commonwealth Games(CWG). The Games are scheduled to be held in Delhi, between 3 October and 14 October 2010. I am not going to discus here that we are ready to manage this event or not, i want to simply discuss with my fellow members that INDIA is going to host a big event and whole world will be watching this.
    We all know that CWG is a multinational, multi-sport event. CWG is 3ed largest multi-sport event in the world. The event was first held in 1930 under the title of the British Empire Games. The event was renamed in 1954 as 'British Empire and' Commonwealth Games and in 1970 as 'British Commonwealth Games'. It's current title was given in 1978.
    Currently there are 54 members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and 71 teams participate in the Games. The most recent games were at Melbourne, Australia in 2006, and now we are going to host the next edition. There were two principal bids for the 2010 Commonwealth Games one from Delhi, India and other from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We won the bid, and now we have to host the game so that we can show the world that we won that bid because we are capable of hosting such events, we have done this in past(Asian Games, Afro-Asian Games) and we can do this again.
    Whatever done can't be changed, but still we have some time left in which we can make this event a success. So i invite the views of the fellow members about what we can do now to make this event a success? What should Indian think tank do? And how a common man can help?

    Deepak Sharma
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    Hi deepak,

    Commonwealth Games are going to happen in New Delhi,India. But the preparation by our organisers has not been upto the mark.

    Not talking about that case, what a common people can do to uplift CWG is nothing. My perspective about these games is that whether the event will be a success or not, nothing will going to change for the Common People.

    If the event goes well than it will be a thing of pride for the wealthy people but it will not matter to a common person as he will be still busy with problems like price rise, corruption and so so.

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    Hi Darshan,
    I am very much aware that the event CWG will not bring any change for a common man,Common man have to face the problems of price rise, corruption etc either CWG is a success or not, that's a different issue.

    My point is that we are going to host a big event which will expose us & our capabilities to the whole world. In the past few years Brand INDIA has got some reputation & respect, & we have a chance to make this brand more reliable by making this event a success. But if we failed to do so (& i think we are going on that track)it will be not good for our image.

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    Hi deepak,

    Thats what I am saying. Unsuccessful event means not good for our(politicians and rich people not common) image. A common person do not have time to care about CWG, he is busy in making bread for his family.

    Talking about organising this event successfully, only the people of Delhi can help in it or the volunteers.

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    Hi Darshan,

    This not only about success of this event, this is also about our mentality, We(the common man) are becoming habitual of corruption & other problems. We never try to solve the problem, we always make excuse that we are busy in making bread for our family.

    If a common man can give time for IPL or cricket or movies or Idiot box then he can't make excuse that he has no time to protect pride of our country.

    Dear friend I want to make it clear to you and all fellow members that, i wrote this post in this forum because i want to discuss how we can overcome the mistakes done during preparation of event.

    I am aware that issues of common man are of more importance, but Common wealth is a totally different issue. And our country is not a personal property of Some Politicians & Rich People, it belongs to common man equally. & it's the common man who go & vote and decides that which Politician will serve for them. So please do not underestimate the common man.

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    Ok Mr Deepak,

    You have asked in this thread that what a common men can do to support CWG as some time is left for the event. And I have replied to that.

    And If your topic is related to stop the corruption that the political leaders has done in the CWG organising money, then you should mention it in your post.

    Now we will discuss about that. Anything which we(common people) can do is nothing regarding this corruption. There is no system in our country to protest against such corruption. Even Corruption bureau is helpless. A common person does not even know from where the money is coming and among whom it is distributed. The money is in the hands of leaders and they are filling their own pockets instead of spending them on work for CWG.

    There is no source from where we get the information regarding this so how can we stop this corruption done by the political leaders?


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    Hello all

    In spite of the fact that CWG games won't do any good for the problems faced by the common man, its importance can't be undermined. South Africa's economy isn't in the same condition as India and neither it is one of the biggest growing economy but it successfully managed World cup football last month. Certainly it had minimal effect on the situation of the people living in the cities other than those which hosted matches. But not everything is measured in terms of money and profit.

    The CWG is a big way to present the brand called 'India' in front of the world. This event can be used as a platform to show the world our ability to handle big events, the power of our economy, our infrastructure etc. The successful execution of this event would help in long term to India on the international level. It will also help us in showing the world that we have the ability to handle such big event without any trouble and that Indians are not lethargic, careless and unable to cope with pressure.

    Every Indian can make some effort to make it successful. Internet is one of the cheapest and best medium available. Foreign tourists visit different places of India other than Delhi and the residents of that place can create an environment there which would make the guests think about CWG and go & watch them. After all it is our event, not just Delhi's and any blot on our country's capital will be a blot on our shirts too.

    We have had enough discussion on this topic. I am locking this thread now

    Prateek Dave

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