3 Idiots Controversy - Chetan Bhagat Vs Aamir Khan


We all are well aware of the fact that 3 Idiots is inspired from Chetan Bhagat's 'Five Point Someone' and the film is a massive hit in India as well as overseas. But the unfortunate thing is the exchenge of allegations between Bhagat and the makers of the film, especially the hero of the film, Aamir Khan. According to Bhagat 70% of the film is based on the novel while Aamir says that film has very little to do with the novel and Bhagat should be dragged to the court by the makers for not respecting the agreement between the them and the author.

According to me Bhagat's allegations are not true. Anyone who has read the novel and watched the film would agree that the claim of 70% film being based on novel is baseless. The makers have retained some of the sub-plots and key characters but the main plot of the film is entirely different. The message delivered by the film as well as the whole present part of the film (excluding flashback)are two another big factors differentiating film from the novel.

On the other hand Aamir Khan's verbal attack and asking the makers to go to court too was totally uncalled for. This provided the spark to the controversy and then media provided the necessary oxygen to turn it into a big fire. The opinion is though divided on both.

I would ask my fellow RS members to put forward their thoughts in this matter.