Importance of Forum

Hello Members

We all know forum means a place for discussion but we have seriously undermined the value of forums in RS. Forum is a very important element of an educational and knowledge sharing site like RS and everyone needs to understand it.

Now what is the importance of forum for a website? I am putting a few points below for you to understand.

1. Forums is the first place where a new member or a new visitor goes through to know how much active the site or the members are. Any inactivity in the forums give a bad impression and might turn away the new user or the visitor.This is certainly not good for the website as well as the members contributing consistently.

2. It is not that just resources and business directory posts are visible in google search results. The forum threads too feature in the search results. That would mean bringing more guys to the site and definitely more traffic.

Now the members might be wondering what is there for them in the forums. I am explaining it.

1. The growth of site would eventually be beneficial for us only since an increase in traffic and revenue would be equally good for consistent contributors.

2. The members here hardly know each other and a site can't progress much if the members have little or no knowledge about the others. We can develop healthy relationships with each other and can also discuss some important and knowledge giving issues on this platform. It will definitely help in long run.

3. The forum initiations and replies would give points to you and I don't need to explain the positives of it. Just refrain yourself from putting illogical and absurd things in the forum.

4. Finally we all are looking forward to getting a google adsense approval. Now google doesn't gives you approval so easily these days. One has to work hard in most of the sections of this site to get the approval and forums play a very important part in it. Keep this thing in mind that google look for keywords and if your forum response has it, gooogle will definitely include it in its search results.

I hope I have put the importance of forum in front of you and will be looking forward for your contributions in it. I myself will be putting a no. of threads where we can discuss among each other.